Community Acupuncture – New Way Of Getting Acupuncture

There is a new way to get acupuncture.  Actually, it is an old way to get acupuncture.  This is how acupuncture is done in China. Group sessions, you do not disrobe.  It enables you to get acupuncture for a much lower rate so you can get treatment as often and as long as needed. Here […] more

Gui Pi Tang and Insomnia

Gui Pi Tang is one of the most popular formulas used in Chinese medicine.  It is used for fatigue and insomnia. Half of the formula is herbs that improve digestion and energy levels, the other half are herbs that nourish and calm the heart energy.  It is used to help people recover from long periods […] more

Gui Pi Tang and Heart and Spleen Blood Deficiency

  This is a Chinese Medicine Syndrome.  It is very common.   Heart and Spleen Blood Deficiency Difficulty in falling asleep Palpitations -feeling your heart beat Tiredness Poor appetite Slight Anxiety Blurred Vision Dizziness Poor Memory Pale Face   This is a very common type of insomnia due to deficiency of Blood of the Heart […] more

How To Use Gui Pi Tang

One of the most popular and most used formulas in Chinese Medicine. It is also called “Restore the Spleen”. It works on digestion and can rejuvenate after a long period of fatigue. Is also used for insomnia. It strengthens and calms the heart in Chinese Medicine theory. Chinese Medicine Indications: Fatigue Forgetfulness Lack of Concentration […] more

Gui Pi Wan vs. Gui Pi Tang

  Gui pi wan is the name for this formula when it is in a traditional teapill format.  Tea pills are tiny pellets.  They are made by using the herbal extract and combining it with honey and forming it into a pellet.  This format is not as strong as the gui pi tang.  Gui pi […] more