Gui Pi Tang

Gui Pi Tang (also known as Gui Pi Wan and Gui Pi Pian) is a herbal formula in traditional Chinese medicine that is used to nourish the blood and replenish the Qi (also chi, or internal energy) due to poor heart and spleen functions. It is currently being used by Chinese doctors for stressed and overworked people who may be experiencing any or a combination of the following: fatigue, forgetfulness, heart palpitations, insomnia, poor appetite, restless sleep, shortness of breath, tiredness, or anxiety. If one experiences depression caused by the heart and spleen's weak functions, the treatment procedure will be focused on replenishing the blood and building up the spleen. These would both nourish the heart and lead to the reinforcement of the chi. The best traditional formula to use in such cases would be Gui Pi Tang.

Gui Pi Tang is also the best known medicine for bleeding disorders due to spleen-chi deficiency. As a matter of fact, Gui Pi Tang can be read in practically every Chinese text about herbal treatment of bleeding disorders as a result of chi deficiency. To create a 2 week supply (the standard course of therapy) of Gui Pi Tang formula, gather the following ingredients: thrity grams each of astragalus, atractylodes, hoelen, and zizyphus; fifteen grams each of ginseng and saussurea; eight grams of baked licorice; three grams each of both polygala and tang-kuei; a piece of jujube and several slices of fresh ginger. Directions: grind the ingredients coarsely in a mortar, using twelve grams at a time; Add the ginger and jujube and decoct.